My Story 

I am an Empathic Energy Healer who combines several different healing modalities of Massage, Energy Healing, Herbal Remedies and Divination. I started my journey of healing others. I found I had a natural gift for moving energy through me and on to others. I have an Uncanny sense to find and remove pain / blocked QI in others both in the physical level and in aura field. 

The concept of The Enlightened Goddess as an expression of my higher self. To have a voice of goodness that I can project out to the world to be a shining light for others who have gone through difficult times. It also helps me ground myself to the true aspect why I was manifested into this life at this point in time. To be a lightworker and to hold space for the ascension process for The New Golden age to come and help guide others to awaken. 

 The Enlightened Goddess always felt like an inner calling to me. I have a proclivity for studying Archaic Dead Religions and cultures to find the common threads that bind together hidden truths of Occult and Mystic practices. I found a lot of solace in the practice of various martial arts styles. I learned the beginning of energy manipulation to conquer my opponents, but in the process learned more about the healing benefits of Eastern energy medicine. Where I then studied Tantric, Pranic and Reiki modalities over the years has honed my energy manipulation talents so I can heal the blocked energy in others. 

I also obtained a horticultural degree from Joliet Jr College and my proclivity for gardening has given me knowledge about healing herbs and what foods heal common ailments that can be alleviated with proper knowledge and common things found in most kitchens. 

I have studied the Art of Divination. Which I have acquired and have mastered over the years.  One skill that I have learned is to vibrate higher so to hear the messages that they want to communicate, I use my ability to connect with the Universe and listen to the messages that your loves ones on the other side convey to you through the various tools of  Oracle Card decks and Pendulum Divinations to give messages to others from loved ones who have passed on.

Always looking to take more classes and deepen my understanding of various healing modalities, Religious or Occult practices of all faiths so as to broaden my knowledge base. So more exciting things to come to serve you better both now and in the future. 

Certified at Sohmar Massage School of Holistic Healing and Reflexology  

Usui Reiki Certified via Path to Transformation