The Zion Sanctuary Project 

Looking for contributors 

WELCOME to The Zion Sanctuary, 

Our goal is to be a self-sustainable off grid community with a Holistic Spa available for outside guests/clients to partake and experience holistic healing in many forms. We are looking for people who want to live and work the land toward this goal. We want to leave a lighter carbon footprint for our generation and the next. Also to teach others how to live more sustainably by using alternative building materials from natural and  reclaimed sources,produce and cultivate our own food source and/or participate in shared food cropping programs. All while generating an exit strategy for those in the community, so as not to be solely dependent on capitalism and corporate jobs for our livelihood.  

If this sounds like a movement that you would like to partake in and can agree with the rules we would be honored if you would like to join in on the communal experience. 

We as a community would like to get to know you and understand how your strengths and weaknesses will fit in with the community so we can all work together in a harmonious space. 

1. What are your Strengths?

2. What are your Weaknesses?

3. What are your Areas of expertise/ Skill set ?

4. What are your Hobbies?

5.What skills can you contribute to the community?

If this sounds like a project that you would like to be part of email us at 

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