The Enlightened Goddess

Enlightenment Empathic Healer

What is The Enlightened Goddess about:

The Empowerment and Education of sexual energy to balance the Divine Masculine and Feminine within all of us.

Our goal is to:

Create a safe space to converse, explore and educate people about sex and sexuality. To make the conversations about sex and sexuality common place and to release the guilt & stigma surrounding taboo topics. Provide avenues for people to explore and learn healthy ways of coping with sexually traumatic issues. Learning meditational practices to cleans and release and elevate your sexual energy, By using different healing art forms to restore inner balance. Freedom to express yourself as the true Divine Being you were meant to manifest yourself as in this lifetime.

We are LGBTQA friendly. We promote the Divine love that resonates between us all and encourage others to do so in a safe and mentally healthy manner.

Sherry El Dora Trinity

The Enlightened Goddess

Plainfield IL 60544