Energy Healing Definitions

There are many different forms of energy healing that are available to practice and study all over the world which are deeply engrained in other cultures and have been lost to other forms of Western medicine practices. I have taken years to seek out teachers who have shared with me their wisdom and helped me hone and open my energetic healing conduit of Devine Universal Energy though me. I have studied Tantric, Reiki & Pranic healing modalities which I have combined with the art of Massage. 

Tantric- Deep breathing exercises, sharing and combining energy fields to create and rise the Kundalini energy within the chakras to heal stagnate energy and past wounds. 

Reiki - Healing done on the Auric fields that surrounds the body , Using Reiki tools and crystals 

Pranic- Opening portals and Chakra Vortexes to push and pull healing energy through bodies blocked energy pathways

Reflexology - triggering pressure points in the ears, feet and hands to clear blocked energy nerve endings 

Meridian channels- clearing the path or channels that flow through the body. 

Chakra Cleansing- opening chakra portals to move the flow of Chi through the body 

Deep Tissue- Releasing stressed muscles with an invigorating  massage

Sound Healing - Using sound vibrational healing to resonate with the bodies natural bio frequency of 420 htz