The Enlightened Goddess

Enlightenment Empathic Energy Healer

Who is the Enlightened Goddess?

I am an Empathic energy Healer who specializes in various healing modalities. Reiki, Pranic & Tantra along with Reflexology, Chakra and Meridian cleansing, Sacral Cranial healing.

I also have studied the Art of Divination. I use my ability to connect with the Universe and listen to the messages that your loves ones on the other side convey to you through the various tools I have acquired and have mastered over the years.

I started my journey of healing others in my teen years. I found I had a natural gift for moving energy through me and on to others. I have an Uncanny sense to find and remove pain / blocked QI in others both in the physical level and in aura field.

In my studio I strive to make comfort and relaxation the top priority so you can have a place to come and decompress your body and let the tension melt away.

Our goal is to:

The Empowerment and Education about sacred energy to balance the Divine Masculine and Feminine within all of us. Create a safe space to converse, explore and educate people about Devine sacred energy Learning meditational practices to cleans and release and elevate your Kundalini energy, By using different healing art forms to restore inner balance. Freedom to express yourself as the true Divine Being you were meant to manifest yourself as in this lifetime.

We are LGBTQA friendly. We promote the Divine love that resonates between us all and encourage others to do so in a safe and mentally healthy manner.

Looking forward to helping you on your healing journey. Book an appointment and see how I can help you find peace.


The Enlightened Goddess is highly intuitive and professional. I felt an instant comfort level and looking forward to booking my next appointment. Highly Recommended ---- Ken F.

Effective... Miss Trinity was able to help me heal and open up my chakras to become more and live my best life ever! ---- Christine N.

She absolutely unblocked some negativity from me with distance healing and left me feeling amazing ----- Martha G.

Every time I I use her service I am not disappointed. I tell her what the problem area is and she is able to alleviate what ails me! One time I was hurting so bad I couldn't drive to her. She came out to me with her massage table! Really helped with my back and neck. I will be a loyal customer forever! ---- Jesse G.

Sherry El Dora Trinity

The Enlightened Goddess

Plainfield IL 60544