Specialty Work

Angel Oracle Reading - $75 / session

Using the ancient art of divination I can help you gain clarity and answers you may have in love, relationships, career, or other areas of your life.

I use Angel Oracle , Karma Card astrology decks and a Divination Pendulum and mat to help channel messages from the other side to you. With help from my spirit guides and your loved ones whom has passed I can give you a personalized reading to help put your mind to ease.

Sessions can be held in person or over video chat using social media video platforms or via zoom chat.

Payment must be made before reading starts and no refunds available.

What you can expect from a reading

We can sit down either in person or virtually through video, we then center ourselves and clear the negative energy around us and call in our circle of elders from both your side and mine to watch over us and to add guidance. I will then ask you for a question you want answered but it’s crucial that you don’t tell me the question, you need to direct the questions to the circle of elders in your mind. I am just the vessel to bring you the info. They will talk to me through thought and the cards. ( I took 20 years to listen to them ) and what messages to bring to you.

The Angel Oracle deck is the one I will first read from and that gives you a broader story /picture depending on which way the cards land or how they are grouped.

Then we move on to the Cosmic Karma deck which gives you 6 different specific answers to your question per question. The deck is laid out into 3 piles: Planets, Signs and Houses. One card is picked from each pile for each question asked. The council of elders will guide which are the right cards that need to be read to tell you the answer you seek.

The next tool I use is the Divination Pendulum and that is guided by energy. It will move in certain directions based on the message that needs to be told. This pendulum works best with yes and no questions. It is a really useful tool to gain direct clarity.

Personalized Astrology Reading - $55

This next package is based on the Goldschneider/Elffees Astrological/personal horoscopes. We sit down together and I guide you through how to use these books. They are a great reference told to learn about you and others around you. I have used them for over 30 years to understand people and the relationships around me. So if you are interested or curious about how the stars lined up for you or how you relate to others then this is a worth while investment.

Mystic Combination Package -$130

Combining both packages of the Angel Oracle and the Personalized Astrology Readings gives you answers to your deepest heart questions that you’ve been asking that you can’t find the answers for.

House Cleansing - $400 / session

When I perform a Spiritual and Energy Cleansing of the houses, lands or offices, I ask the universe to help sweep, pull and lift all negative and stagnant energies, all the dark forces and lost spirits which are hidden in the four corners of the property.

I ask Mother Earth's assistance to restore the energetic and magnetic gridlines of of the land, and correctly place the Spiritual Door of the property, once this is completed, your property will be in a new Field of Energy that will flow harmoniously, without being negatively affected by neighboring properties.

The universe's blessing will be granted to all who live and work in that place. After a spiritual house cleansing, you will experience a feeling of lightness and relief in your home. The energy will feel more balanced. There will be greater communication and agreement of ideas among all those who inhabit the place. Everyone will benefit from peace, harmony, love, prosperity, and physical and mental well-being.

I can perform cleansing of houses either in person or at a distance. If you would like us to cleanse your home at a distance I need you to send me by email or message the following information: photograph and address of the house, land or office, and each occupant’s name, his/her date of birth, and a photograph.

If you would like me to perform the cleansing in person, I will need your address and information of the physical size of the property so as to give you an estimate of the service. For a session please click here